The perfect beach for your summer.
Santeria lands in Lido di Camaiore with a bathing establishment that will become the protagonist of your holiday memories.
The musical, artistic and cultural style of Santeria now arrives in Versilia, in Santeria Belmare.

La spiaggia della tua estate.
Santeria sbarca a Lido di Camaiore con uno stabilimento balneare che diventerà il protagonista dei racconti delle vacanze.
La proposta musicale, artistica e culturale di Santeria arriva anche in Versilia, a Santeria Belmare.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

Sant’Anna di Stazzema

The Museum and the Peace National Park guarantee a constant information and guide service for visitors, organized groups and schools.The guided tour is free and includes the tale of the events of August 12, 1944, the projection of reconstruction films, a visit to the exhibition halls of the “Museo Storico della Resistenza” and a journey through the places of memory inside Parco dellaPace, along the via Crucis, up to the Ossuary Monument, located at the top of Col diCava (reachable on foot from the museum in 15 minutes) besides the projection of a film illustrating the dynamics of the facts updated to the 2005 La Spezia trial.

It is possible to request the participation of a survivor who will tell about his experience.More information at this link.

Important contributions are provided by many witnesses of the massacre and by the members of the Martyrs of Sant’Anna Association in particular, which chairman is Enrico Pieri, and by the Honors Committee for the Martyrs of Sant’Anna.

Estimated time for the visit: about 2 hours.

It takes about 20 minutes by car from Santeria Belmare to get there.

The visit is free, for information and reservations: 0584.772025

Trip to the Marble Quarries in Carrara

The Carrara quarries are huge white wounds opened along the sides of the Apuan Alps, a fascinating orographic complex declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. A unique territory, a succession of changing and fascinating landscapes, dominated by the marble basins which have marked the fortune of this place. Visiting the marble quarries will allow you to retrace centuries of history and discover a world made of hard work, effort, and spectacular beauty.

Here is the link with some advices for visiting them independently or with guided tours.


Pisa is situated 25 minutes by car from Santeria Belmare, it’s famous for its leaningtower and the complex of “Piazza dei Miracoli”.There are many other reasons why itis worth visiting this splendid Tuscan city.

Here you can find some advices for awalking itinerary to discover the city.


Also known as “The city of 100 churches”. One day won’t probably be enough to visitit, but it may be enough to taste its essence, glimpse its artistic beauties and makeyou want to come back and discover even its most hidden and mysterious aspects.The distance can be covered in 30 minutes by car from Santeria Belmare.

Here you will find the suggestions for a daily itinerary.

Vintage Market in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi’s Antiques and Vintage Market takes place every second Saturday and Sunday of the month (and the previous Saturday) from 9.00 am. in PiazzaDante. Admission is free and there are about 60 qualified exhibitors, specialized in leather clothes, cashmere and Versilian-style furnishings. The advice is to go by bicycle along the cycle path from Santeria Belmare that leads directly to Forte Dei Marmi in 15 minutes.

The promenade of Viareggio

The Promenade of Viareggio is one of the most evocative and fascinating places in Versilia. A long pedestrian street that stretches for over 2 km, surrounded by Art Nouveau buildings, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Some interesting things to know at this link.

Libreria Lungomare – Viareggio

Colorful club on the Viareggio promenade, bookshop by day, carnival-like and informal cocktail bar by night: the Lungomare Bookshop is a certainty for young people in the area.


Located upcountry, 15 minutes away from Lido di Camaiore, Pietrasanta is full ofcontemporary art galleries and public art initiatives are often organized in thesquares of the town. For ones who love to walk, the climb to “Rocca di Sala” is amust, the place is also known as Rocca Ghibellina, and youcan enjoy a beautifulview of the city from the top.

Once you go down, many typical wine bars andrestaurants await you. find other beautiful things at this link

La prima Estate

(Lido di Camaiore)

More than a festival, a holiday!
La Prima Estate is more than a classic rock festival, it is a musical holiday in the early summer. For two weekends at the end of June, every evening starting at 6.30pm, four concerts of international artists and bands from indie, classic rock and dance scene to be experienced and enjoyed without stress. The setting is a huge green park 50 meters from the sea and 300 from Santeria Belmare. Imagine spending a day at the beach, then enjoying an international music festival in the evening.

Here is the program.

Lucca Summer festival

Lucca Summer Festival is a musical event taking place in Lucca in July since 1998.The concerts take place within the historic walls, in Piazza Napoleone and in the ex“Parco Balilla” outside the walls of the city. Prestigious international names such asNorah Jones, Sigur Ròs, Placebo, Blur, Kiss, Onerepublic, Simply Red and Pat Metheny have been announced for the 2023 edition.

Here you can find all the info.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

Bike Tours

The hinterland lends itself to road and off-road excursions. In the first case a classic path is the ascent to Passo del Vestito. The ride from Serravezza towards Lucca is less challenging; On the other hand, as for the on the road rides (gravel or MTB) we recommend the very interesting and easy routes towards Massaciuccoli Lake and further south towards the pine forest of San Rossore.

Candalla Natural Pool

Half an hour’s drive inland from Lido di Camaiore; a relaxing trek on a stream that generates waterfalls and natural pools where you can also swim. There is also a very characteristic restaurant named “Osteria di Candalla”, without door tables near the water. However, you need to book well in advance.

Forato Mountain

It’s a two peaks mountain located in Stazzema characterized by a large natural arch opened between the two peaks which gives it its name (“forato” means “pierced”)and which has always attracted scientists and hikers, obviously stimulating the popular imagination in creating stories and legends about the origin of the hole. The mountain is easily accessible by various paths and if you don’t suffer from vertigo, you can also walk the summit arch or even swing in the void in the hole just like kids do at the park on the seesaw


Half an hour’s drive from Santeria Belmare, in Calambrone, you can find a very functional spot. There you will also find a special school with rental, base camp of Andrea Principi, one of the strongest young surfers in the world.

Tennis e Padel

For those who love these sports, Versilia will certainly be a paradise. Near Santeria Belmare you can find dozens of clubs. For tennis, what we recommend is the Tennis Zara in Lido di Camaiore, which can also be reached on foot from the establishment in ten minutes. It’s no coincidence that the Belmare tennis trophy is held here every summer in August! For Padel instead you can move to Marina di Pietrasanta, to the Versilia Padel Club, which for this year will host our tournament dedicated to the sport of the moment.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

Napolitan Pizzeria:
Da Vasame

It’s located on the Viareggio promenade, one of the most beautiful places in the city.Neapolitan pizza meets the Tuscan regional cuisine, everything is created by the hands of Vincenzo Nese, a real “scugnizzo”. Very good, you can find it here.

Pizza by the slice and bakery:
Pizzeria da Rizieri

Since 1938, it has welcomed guests in a familiar environment where you can find focaccia, stuffed pizzas cooked in a wood – burning oven, fish – based gastronomic specialties and many other typical tuscan dishes. The restaurant accepts reservations 0584 – 862053.

Athos – Viareggio

Historical pizzeria on the seafront of Viareggio, near the pier; very austere place, butwith excellent and cheap pizza, open until late. More info here.

Fauzia – Viareggio

Historic pastry shop located on the promenade, very famous for their creamy pasta called “La Bomba”. During lunch hours it offers excellent homemade dishes of meat and fish.

Club del Negroni – Viareggio

Tiny and hidden in the ancient Via Regia, from which the city itself takes its name. The “Club del Negroni” is a quiet place that in 2019 won the award for the best Negroni in Italy. For the ones who love the famous cocktail this is a must.

Valè – Forte dei Marmi

A Bakery shop located in the main square of Forte dei Marmi, famous for its “focaccine”. You can find it here

Orlando – Forte dei Marmi

Classic versilian bakery shop; pizza by slice and typical stuffed “focaccia”. TheGarden and the vintage furnishings from other times decorate the place.You can find it in Forte dei Marmi, here the exact address.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

La piazzetta Gualdo – Massarosa

The restaurant is located in a medieval village, during the summer you can sit in the small square where the tables are placed under charming lights and enjoy an atmosphere of other times under a starry sky with a breath-taking panorama. In addition the climate is always windy and enjoyable. Rustic serving of typical local dishes cooked with care. The restaurant accepts reservations at 0584 952201. More info here.

La cantina da Bruno
Lido di Camaiore

Opened in the 60s, this restaurant remained exactly the way it was. It offers typicalTuscan cuisine at popular prices: fresh meat and fish specialties, “Fiorentina” steaks and sliced beef, seasonal mushrooms and excellent homemade desserts. There are also pizzas. Reachable on foot in a few minutes from Santeria Belmare. More info here.

Le tre terrazze

It takes about 20 minutes by car from our beach establishment to reach this restaurant which allows you to enjoy a beautiful panorama. Here too there are typical Tuscan dishes based on excellent quality meat at honest prices.

Ristorante da Giorgio – Viareggio

Located in the center of the city, the restaurant has its roots in a 70-year-old restaurant tradition. A real point of reference for all those who love to taste the typical seafood cuisine of the Viareggio tradition. We recommend their raw and cooked seafood appetizer served in 14 courses.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

Da Pino – Viareggio

Famous for its Catalan and Sardinian dishes.
In Viareggio since 1979, family-run, it represents a certainty of quality.
This is their site.

Bar dello Stadio – Viareggio

Spartan service and ambience, classic food (seafood pasta, fried food) at very honest prices. Very popular with locals, even for lunch.
You can find it here.

Attività culturali e tempo libero

Laboratorio del gelato – Viareggio

Unanimously considered the best ice cream in Versilia. Apparently, there is nothingelse to add. Just the exact location, here it is.

Caffè Sirena – Lido di Camaiore

Always defined as the “Balneari’s bar”, but everyone must try the Sirena breakfast.Brioches and handcrafted puff pastry pizzas will leave you breathless.You can find it very close to us, on the seafront of Lido di Camaiore, all the info here.

Attività culturali e tempo libero


Small members-only club of reference for electronic music, otherwise difficult to find in the area.Access is reserved for members, but don’t worry, just ask for the card at the entrance. Reachable from Lido di Camaiore in 10 minutes by car and in about 20 minutes by bus.


A building that looks like an abandoned beach establishment by day and at sunset, it is filled with colors and hosts Mamamia Disco, the main reference point in Versilia for LGBTQ+ entertainment.

Next door you can also find Mama Beach +, the first Italian gay beach.

Reachable from Lido di Camaiore in 20 minutes by car.

La Capannina di Franceschi

How not to mention it. Inaugurated in 1929, it is currently the oldest night club in the world. The charm remains unchanged, the atmosphere is unique and iconic.

Reachable from Lido di Camaiore in 10 minutes by car and in about 20 minutes by bus.